Graph algorithms visualized with d3.js.

The Delaunay Triangulation

An implementation of the Incremental Delaunay Triangulation algorithm, with TypeScript.
Keep clicking to add points, and watch how the triangulation changes - courtesy of d3.js.

There’s also a quad-edge data-structure that I implemented in TypeScript. See the ‘src’ and ‘tests’ folder inside ‘delaunay.js’ if you’re interested in using this.

The main reference for this was Dani Lischinski’s guide and C++ code here.
Theory about the extremely impressive quad-edge data-structure can be found in the original paper by Leonidas Guibas and Jorge Stolfi here. Additional references from courses at CMU and Stanford were very useful too.

Try it out here.

Prim’s Minimal Spanning Tree

Randomly generates points in the two-dimensional plane.
Select the first point in the minimal spanning tree, and the tree will begin to grow.
Pause and continue at will. Complete with transitions and animations - courtesy of d3.js.

Try it out here.